Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Review: Mate (Part Two) by Violet Haze

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Simone’s not the same woman she was when freed from that dark room all those months ago.

Isaac’s not the man she thinks he is, his desire to have her close soon overruling his sense.

And while two people can play a game, only one person will win.

Note: this is Part Two of a romance serial of four meant for mature audiences only. Please read Part One first, and enjoy.

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We start off part two with a pretty nasty Simone attitude full of f-bombs and slapping when Isaac surprises her outside the diner again.  I thought it was interesting to see the difference in the Simone in this book compared to the Simone in the first book after just a month of time passing.  Bitter maybe because of the ending of book 1 (which I will not go into detail about in case you haven't read it yet)?  Isaac takes her for a ride so they can talk and she notices they are getting farther away from where she lives, she flips out and there is an accident.  This part was done really quickly, you almost miss it, but don't worry you will get the full details on the accident later on.  This accident leaves Simone needing to recuperate and unable to be moved so her, Malik and Helen are staying with Isaac. You might think that this would prove to be disastrous for Isaac and you would be right.  He's unable to keep the secret for long and one innocent little blanket mistake has more Simone f-bombs dropping. Can Simone stop cussing and is Master going to be able to punish her properly? Or will his deception be too much for Simone?
Unlike in part one which was entirely in Simone's POV, part two has 2 chapters in Isaac's POV, so we get to see what's going on in his head during all this time and I have to say I absolutely love being in Isaac's mind.  Can't wait for more!

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