Friday, July 17, 2015

Review: Mate (Part Four) by Violet Haze


Note: this is the final part in a serial of four; read Part's One through Three first. ~125 print pages. Update 7/16 w/ fixed version. 

Isaac’s led into an untenable position by his past, making him face responsibility for his part in what’s happening.

Simone’s naiveté and kindness make her an easy target, while a new temptation prompts her to examine what it is she truly desires.

And when the danger they’re put in culminates in a death, the shaky foundation their relationship’s built on may not be enough to save it in the end.

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My Rating
5 Stars


Simone finds herself in a very precarious situation.  To fight or not to fight, that is the question.
Meanwhile, Isaac & Jim rush to the hotel to try and save Malik's life from his cray cray ex, Lizzy, and hoping to god that Simone is there too.  In the end of this fiasco, someone will die.  Will this life changing event destroy Simone and Isaac's fragile relationship?
Drama abounds in between the pages of this book.  You are really never sure how it is going to play out and where it will end.  Violet Haze astonishes me once again with her characters and story telling ability in the last of the Mate Serials.

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