Thursday, July 9, 2015

Review: Mate (Part 3) by Violet Haze

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Isaac’s secret is out, and he doesn't feel deserving of Simone’s forgiveness, let alone her submission.

Although unsure about Isaac’s feelings about her, Simone is ready to give their unconventional relationship her all.

Nothing is ever easy though, especially when Isaac’s past comes back to haunt him, endangering not only the woman he loves, but Malik as well.

Note: this is Part Three of a romance serial of Four, with strong language and content. Please read Part One and Part Two first.

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As the blurb explains, the proverbial cat is out of the bag and Simone now knows that Isaac was her master.  He makes it clear that she will not be leaving his house with their son and that's perfect because she has no desire to. But that doesn't mean that she doesn't struggle to understand why Isaac lied by omission and wouldn't tell her who he really was.  He tries to show her some papers and explain but she already knows the story from her ex-husband.  She drops more f-bombs which is pretty funny because he's still counting and she's still antagonizing him.
It is epic when they finally come together for the first time with her knowing who he is.  I love the explanation of the name Cara that he called her in Part one and the explanation of why he won't call her that now and the exact point in time that this conversation is taking place is perfect.  
Things are going well between them for a couple of weeks when something from Isaac's past rear's it's ugly head and by ugly I mean ex-fiance troubles.  Here is where Ms. Haze throw's you for a freaking loop once more during the Mate serials.  I didn't see the ending coming like it did.  I'm not going to say it was perfect because I hate cliff hangers and I'm pretty sure I called her a few not so nice names because of this ending.  Totally hooked and part four can not come soon enough for my taste.

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