Monday, July 6, 2015

Review: Mate (Part One) by Violet Haze (Free)

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Collared and kept as a slave for two months. 
Set free and sent home, only for her whole life to completely fall apart. 

Simone, a twenty-two year old single mother, has no reason to trust anyone ever again, especially the mysterious man who leaves her a generous tip after a brief conversation. Yet she can’t help being drawn to him, and soon discovers his identity, which makes her wonder what he wants with a woman like her.

Isaac is a man on a mission, and he’ll do whatever it takes to claim Simone as his own, forever.

Note: this is the first of a romance serial of four meant for mature audiences only. Enjoy!

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5 of 5 stars

My Review

This story immediately pulls you right in the middle of what seems like sub/master scenario between Cara (Simone) and a mystery man.  But you quickly learn there is a twist in the story.  One that you do not see coming at all and will leave you thinking to yourself what in the hell just happened.   Fast forward 10 months later and Simone is working as a waitress and struggling to make ends meet as a single parent.  Then one day a man is dining where Simone works and leaves her a huge tip and we come to find out his name is Isaac and he seems interested in Simone.  She wonders about him and is attracted to him but as time passes she doesn't think she'll see him again as he hasn't been back into the diner.  That is until he accosts her outside the diner one night.  Can she let him in after still being in love with her mysterious master/kidnapper?  This is a quick read and great beginning to a new serial by Violet.

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