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Review: Secrets (A Woman's Affair, #1) by Violet Haze

Title: Secrets - A Woman's Affair #1
Author: Violet Haze
Release Date: April 23, 2015

Is there ever an excuse for cheating? 

What if the affair brings to light how much your life isn’t perfect? 
What if it shows what you’re missing out on while you stay behind the wall of perceived safety? 
What if it unearths the truth about someone you love and saves their life? 
What if it also saves your own? 

Is it okay then? 

Leighton Wright is the woman about to discover the true meaning of love in its many forms, Cole Vaughn is the man who’s responsible for it all, and everyone in their lives will learn that the truth always lies beneath the deceptive surface. 

Secrets (A Woman's Affair, #1) is first in a serial of three, & is 19,200 words (77 pages); it will be followed by Suspicion and Sacrifice.

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5 of 5 Stars

Leighton seems to have the perfect life at the beginning of the book. Until she doesn't.
It seems Leighton is trying to convince herself that her life is perfect as much as the author is trying to convince her readers. I love this part of the book, it really starts the whole story line off in exactly the right spot. Then people have a way of bumping into your life when you least expect it and your whole outlook on life changes within an instant. Flirting and attraction is a bad temptation for a starved-for-affection woman. Things get hot and heavy pretty quickly in this book. Someone needs to turn down the heat!
Leighton's husband, Mason, started off being okay and then he turned into a complete douche-sicle fast like he had multiple personality disorder or something. I can't believe the nerve he had bringing his so called secretary to dinner! I felt sorry for their kids all throughout the story.
I loved everything about this serial other than it ended way too quickly.
The blurb is very intriguing and hopefully we get some answers soon to those questions in it. Hint hint Ms. Haze can you write #2 quickly, please?

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