Sunday, January 3, 2016

Review: His To Use (Mastering Melody, Book 1) by Talia Zane

Title: His To Use (Mastering Melody, Book 1)
Author: Talia Zane
Cover: Designs by Dana

Homeless and desperate to survive, using my body had become a way to make money and get through another day. 

A proposition from the nameless, faceless man who promised to take me off the streets if only I would serve him for a year was impossible to ignore. 

I accepted. 
Now the question was, would I regret it? 

Not meant for the faint of heart, and the start of a long journey.



This is a quick read full of dark, disturbing yet weirdly erotic events.  It leaves you questioning if you would make the same decision's as Melody given the circumstances.  What is perceived as the lesser of 2 evil's is probably the one you should least likely choose.  As is the case here.
Melody is homeless and desperate for a break from her awful life.  Her character is well developed for such a short story and you feel such sorrow for her.  The mystery man we don't know much about except for his awful perversions.  The story drew me in quickly and left me wanting more at the end.  I can't wait to devour the other books as they are released.
And I have to mention the cover because this cover is magnificent and by far my favorite of any book.
If you like the dark, horrifying and erotic reads then this is definitely for you.  This is not a hearts and flowers type of happy book by any means.

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