Thursday, October 1, 2015

Release Day Blitz: Best of Enemies by Melissa Klein

Best of Enemies 
by Melissa Klein

Avery and Connor have twenty years of history—all of it bad. 

Focused and highly competitive, Lieutenant Commander Avery Madigan is the poster girl for the modern naval aviator. Playing by the rules, Mad Dog Madigan garners glory both in the navy reserves and private sector. While a failed marriage gave her a son she adores, it also leaves her with battle scars from her ex-husband’s infidelity. However, Avery’s ready to try dating again. She even considers a vacation fling—as long as it doesn’t interfere with an upcoming business presentation. 

Unlike Avery, Connor St. James believes if he wants to get ahead, he has to venture outside the bounds. After leaving the navy, Titan’s no-holds-barred philosophy is never more appropriate with the family business teetering on failure. With that all-important presentation behind him he can afford a little distraction—especially if it comes in the form of the fiery tempered redhead who’s haunted his dreams ever since they were thirteen and he stole that first kiss. 

The rivals finally act on a long-denied attraction, but fate once again pits them against one another. Can these rivals bury the past, or will competition once again ruin their chances at love?



From the time Melissa was old enough to hold a book, reading has been her favorite way to relax, dream, and sometimes escape. That love of books led her to writing, where now she's able to create her own worlds instead of just reading about them. Following a career in the legal field and education, she devotes herself to writing stories about men and women who know what they want out of life and are not afraid to go after it.

Melissa lives in Georgia with her family.

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