Thursday, September 24, 2015

Review: Sacrifices - A Woman's Affair by Violet Haze

Title: Sacrifices, A Woman's Affair, #3
Author: Violet Haze 

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Sacrifices by Violet Haze, the final installment of A Woman's Affair is available now!!!

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Sacrifices (A Woman's Affair, #3) is the final novella in a serial of three. Please make sure you read Secrets and Suspicions first.

Is there ever an excuse for cheating?
What if the affair brings to light how much your life isn’t perfect? 
What if it shows what you’re missing out on while you stay behind the wall of perceived safety? 
What if it unearths the truth about someone you love and saves their life? 
What if it also saves your own?
Is it okay then?
Leighton Wright is the woman about to discover the true meaning of love in its many forms, Cole Vaughn is the man who’s responsible for it all, and everyone in their lives will learn that the truth always lies beneath the deceptive surface.


5 Stars

I was so happy to finally read the conclusion to Leighton and Cole's story.  Violet Haze had left us hanging from book 2 so I was seriously chomping at the bit to dig into this book.  She does not disappoint with her excellently written books ever.  There are so so many twists in this last book that you will read it in one sitting because you can't put it down.  The final plot twist in Sacrifices will almost certainly give you a heart attack like it did me.  I did not see it coming at all.  Her characters are always so wonderfully written and a joy to read.    
It ended exactly the way I wanted it to, with a big fat HEA!

  I received a complimentary copy of this title for review purposes.

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