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Book & Author spotlight: Keeper of the Innocents by Kristy Centeno

Keeper of the Innocents Book Info

Author: Kristy Centeno
Genre: YA/Paranormal
Series: Keeper Witches # 2
Length: 276 pages
Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC
Date Published: July 6, 2014

Book Blurb
Demi Redding has used her powers to vanquish demons for years, but when one shows up next door she will be forced to set both her experience and instincts aside to battle a war that has nothing to do with magic, and everything to do with matters of the heart.
As a Keeper of the Innocents, Demi’s load as a guardian reduces with only one charge to take on at a time. However, when her new foe proves to be a force she can neither see nor find, she has no choice but to doubt the so-called good intentions of the stranger one door down.
Rhyzel Connor is not your average neighbor by any means. The red specks of color in his green eyes alone sets him apart and his demonic heritage makes him an easy target. Because of who he is he can’t afford a mistake that will result in his demise, but the fact that he knows way too much about Demi quickly raises the suspicion veil over him.
There is a mission he must complete, and secrets he must fight hard to keep, but the biggest hardship he must face will be forfeiting his life in order to save Demi’s.


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Teaser Excerpt
Everything happened so fast I couldn’t even react. Stunned, I just stood there for a moment trying to size up my attacker. Before I even glanced up to look at his face I could tell something was off with him, but because of my nervousness, it was hard to tell for sure. He’d come out of nowhere, and if he intended to kill me, I was easy prey.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” a deeply masculine voice growled at me. Fortunately, that same voice helped break me out of my stupor. 
I was prepared to see some form of evil glaring down at me, but what I found when I glanced up was definitely not what I was expecting. The handsome stranger staring at me was hot. Not just your average Joe kind of hot. No. This was like the kind of hot that makes a girl want to sin in ways she’d never done before.
His pale skin, tousled, bronze colored hair, and full lips were striking to look at, but his eyes left me completely speechless.
Perfectly round green eyes stared back at me and though they were gorgeous all on their own, it was the few specks of red in his irises that I found beautiful and so unusual. I was left with my mouth hanging open. I’d never seen eyes that color before and no matter how many times my brain yelled at me to look away, I just couldn’t. I was drawn to him. To his unique eyes. To the mystery that shrouded him.
“Are you deaf?” the tone of his voice rose a little more.

“No…no. I-I…was just—” My speech was impaired by his handsomeness and I felt stupid. It wasn’t like he was the first cute guy I’d ever seen. As a matter of fact, I’d broken up with my boyfriend two months ago and he’d been the cutest guy I’d ever seen. Now that this stranger was standing in front of me, I wasn’t so sure anymore.  

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About the Author

Kristy Centeno is an author of paranormal romance, young adult, new adult, horror, and contemporary romance.
She has always had a passion for books and after years of being an avid reader, she decided to transform her desire to write into a reality and thus, her first novel was born. In her journey to create memorable reads, she has delved into several genres, creating fictional characters meant to entice readers and captivate the mind.
She is currently working on finishing off the Keeper Witches series among other projects, which include sequels to her published work. When she’s not busy taking care of her five children or holding down the fort, she finds time to sit and do what she loves the most: writing.

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Author Interview

1.       What are your top 5 favorite books?

             1) Fire and Ice by Kathleen Eagle.
             2) Warrior’s Honor by Georgina Gentry.
             3) A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks
             4) Dust Devil by Rebecca Brandewyne
             5) Silent Honor by Danielle Steel

2.       Who is your favorite author?

I have more than one favorite author. I have a few. Among my favorite are Kathleen Eagle, Georgina Gentry, Madeline Baker, Rosanne Bittner, Jasinda Wilder, and Jessica Sorensen.

3.       When did you start writing your very first book?

I’ve been writing since I was very young. I used to take empty notebooks as use them as makeshift books in which I would write short stories, practice writing synopsis, and even gave poem writing one or two attempts.
However, my very first book writing journey began back in 2011. I’d just suffered two devastating losses and I used my writing escapes to help me cope with the unexpected passing of beloved family members.

4.       Who or what inspired you to start writing?

It was a combination of things. Like I said, I’d just gone through the painful process of losing two members of the family and I wasn’t feeling emotionally connected with myself. Writing became my escape. Every time I sat on my chair and started focusing on something other than my grief I felt better. Overtime it helped me cope and little by little I started to enjoy even more something that I’d done as a child, but had stopped doing because life constantly got in the way.
Although I’m busier now than I was then, I try to find time in my busy schedule to sit down and write even if it’s only for a couple of hours each day.

5.       What was the hardest thing for you to overcome when trying to publish your first book?

I think I had the same hurtle to jump over as many other authors out there. I had to get my book accepted. It wasn’t an easy task and it took at least twenty tries before a publisher finally gave me a chance but I never game up.

6.       After publishing 8 books has the answer to #5 gotten any easier?

Absolutely. I have three different publishers now and although I still have to do a good job at pitching my work, it’s not as difficult as it was in the beginning.

7.       What is your favorite movie?

I know I’m going to probably confuse a lot of my readers the moment I confess what my favorite movie is because I do venture into the paranormal world a lot when I write, but, oddly enough, my favorite movie does not fall into this category.
My favorite movie is 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. I don’t know why, but there’s something about a man working hard to make you fall in love with him every day that really draws me in.
            I’m a hopeless romantic at heart I guess.

8.       What is your favorite color?


9.       What is your favorite genre to read?

             Paranormal Romance.

10.   What do you like to do for fun?

Go out to eat with my family, go shopping, spend time with kids, listen to music, watch TV, write, or lounge on my favorite seat with a hot cup of coffee in one hand and a good in the other.

Five Fun Facts About Kristy

1)      I’m very meticulous about how I run my house.
2)      I don’t like to wear mismatching outfits.
3)      I like action movies
4)      I love spinach but hate broccoli
5)      I’ve colored my hair a total of 1 time in my entire life

For more books by Kristy, check out her Amazon Author page HERE

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