Thursday, May 1, 2014

Release Day: Conjuring Darkness by Melanie James

Title: Conjuring Darkness
Author: Melanie James


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25 year old Lexi Salenko is an independent and focused young woman who has realized her dream of moving to the open country of Montana and starting up a quaint bookstore. Romance and adventure have always remained within the covers of her cherished novels until one day she receives a mysterious letter from her archaeologist sister. The letter was sent from Israel and was badly damaged, but Lexi understands enough of it that her sister may be in trouble.
Lexi follows the cryptic instructions sent to her and finds herself propelled on an odyssey across three continents with a very sexy former Navy SEAL turned mercenary and a mysterious ancient relic with ties to an ancient cult. She learns about a supernatural force that stretches from the ancient ruins at Gobekli Tepe Turkey through the death camps of the Holocaust and into her present life. Along the way she learns that sometimes you have to let yourself fall in love and believe in the power of hope.

May 1st - 4th
10 AM - 10 PM CST

30 authors joining in the fun!

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